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You will find innovative products and very effective grass trimmer protection for fences and fence posts regardless of type. Cover your fence with protective material so that it lasts a lifetime, Fence Armor is just one part of that coverage.


Grass Trimmer Protection

Home and commercial fences are constantly being bombarded with gas and electric weed and grass trimmers that can do substantial damage to fence posts. Fence post protection is a must against this bombardment. You need grass trimmer protection and weed trimmer protection. Wood fence cover or coverage is an important part of the fence building process. Fences are expensive to erect and take a long time to complete. You want them to last a long time before you have to replace them. If you care for your fence and you paint or treat it every couple of years, then doesn’t it make sense to protect the posts that keep it erect? Damaged fence posts will soon start to soak up water that will rot wooden fences from the inside and deep into the post. As for Metal and vinyl fences that are protected, they will continue to look good for years to come. Even if the protective covering is damaged, it is much cheaper to install fence post protection than it is to replace the entire fence.

Now for a little humor – Click Trimmer Damage to get an idea of what a trimmer can do!

Protect Fence Posts

Whether you are a contractor looking to add  value to your service, a landscaper wanting to eliminate liabilities and add a sense of caring to your customers, a condo  or property manager looking to cut down on yearly expenses, or a consumer who wants to ensure their fence will last much longer than the normal fence life. Protect fence posts to extend the life of your fence.

You have come to the right place to protect fence posts!